Kostas Kanellopoulos Web & Graphic Designer / Illustrator


Project: “Bride in Greece” Branding
Category: Graphic Design

Agency: Kostas Kanellopoulos
Client: “Bride in Greece”

Description: The logo is inspired by the postage stamp with soft colors and different fonts, while the suffix “gr” is highlighted pointing to the website.

“Bride in Greece” is a company with a modern and fresh style, that gives its couples original and out of the ordinary ideas for a spectacular wedding in Greece as they have imagined it. The basic idea for logo design was inspired by “Postage Stamp” designed in modern style with the letters inside the shape and basic colour “lucite green”

In “Bride in Greece” planning and management is a link to a big chain of events. The company’s partners’ experience, gives “Bride in Greece” the expertise to organize from the smallest to the biggest social event, with the personal touch and style that each occasion requires.

“Bride in Greece”offers wedding packages to Athens – Sifnos Island – Spetses Island – Andros Island.