Coffee & Brunch Vol.7

Kostas Kanellopoulos Web & Graphic Designer / Illustrator


Project: Coffee & Brunch Vol.7
Category: Editorial Design

Agency: Kostas Kanellopoulos
Client: ethosMedia SA

Description: Cover and Editorial Design for the Coffee & Brunch Magazine Vol.7 by @kanelart . The Coffee and Brunch Magazine is a bi-annual magazine for both people and businesses in the coffee market. In this s issue special tribute to take away coffee. Tips for the best homemade coffee and hot drinks for the winter. All the winners from coffee business awards and homemade brunch.

In this special volume, the design communicates minimal elements and specially designed line art icons, depending on the topic. The dark grey colour makes it legible and easy to read, while the design is innovative and modern. Small patterns support every cover story, making spread look on motion.

Dimensions: 21×28 cm
Pages: 112
Printing 4 colour offset
Cover Page: 250 gr bristol
Text Paper: 115gr
Bookbinding: Perfect Binding