Life is a journey

Kostas Kanellopoulos Web & Graphic Designer / Illustrator


Project: Verne And The Right To Imagine Poster Exhibition, Mexico
Category: Graphic Design

Agency: Kostas Kanellopoulos
Organizer: Rinc International Network of Visual Creators in association

Description: International poster competition and exhibition with the title “Verne and the right to imagine”, honoring the huge influence of Julius Verne in the seminal literary genre of science fiction that still remains in the current times organized by Red Internacional de Creadores Visuales (RINC)

Title: Life is a journey
About the poster: This artwork is inspired not only by Verne’s main novels but also by his whole perception about miraculous air and space traveling. Life is like a magic journey, with ourselves in the leading role, and this artwork’s narrative line, reveals to us that imagination is the one and only tool that enlightens our mysterious undiscovered map to live to the fullest. The artwork’s illustration style is almost childish, with simple lines in order to pay tribute to author’s inner purpose as it is represented through his books’ characters: To help us maintain our imagination and soul, as pure as it was when we first read his books.