Coffee & Brunch Vol.7

Kostas Kanellopoulos Web & Graphic Designer / Illustrator


Project: Coffee & Brunch Vol.7
Category: Editorial Design

Agency: Kostas Kanellopoulos
Client: ethosMedia SA

Description: Cover and Editorial Design for the Coffee & Brunch Magazine Vol.7 by @kanelart . The Coffee and Brunch Magazine is a bi-annual magazine for both people and businesses in the coffee market. The 7th issue of Coffee Brunch was published at a time when the focus was on the successive shocks of lockdowns and many companies in the industry were at a disadvantage. Take away coffee was the only choice for the entrepreneurs of the area, but also for the consumers who entered a process to change their habits, to change their favorite store / brand from where they got daily coffee and to try new stores and young people. barista, or even become baristas themselves, making the best coffee they could at home. In these conditions, for the 7th issue of Coffee Brunch, a minimal black and white design was chosen, which on the one hand respected the general psychological state of entrepreneurs and consumers, on the other hand highlighted the unprecedented elimination of branding rules, as consumers were forced to leave stores. they had learned to trust. At the level of color palette, a shade of deep gray was chosen to facilitate reading, the overall look and feel of the design is modern and unprecedented for the magazine, while elements and icons on the same design patterns accompany each story, giving the desired uniformity and sensation.

Dimensions: 21×28 cm
Pages: 112
Printing 4 colour offset
Cover Page: 250 gr bristol
Text Paper: 115gr
Bookbinding: Perfect Binding