Let's Ride... together!

Kostas Kanellopoulos Web & Graphic Designer / Illustrator


Project: Wedding Invitations & Stationery
Category: Graphic Design

Agency: Kostas Kanellopoulos
Client: Virginia & Alexandros

Description: Invitation’s front line is bicycle, as a result of this couple’s participation in indoor cycling and other activities as fitness trainers. Design is a combination of two illustrations.

The first illustration is for the invitation, in which the couple is presented on different bicycles. Finish line is the church ‘s location. And all this is designed based on a minimal and outline concept. The same concept follows the information about the wedding guests as the wedding date is emphasized using typography.

There is an other paper included, following always the whole invitation ‘s concept  where is the event’s map.

The second illustration is about the event ‘s decoration. Even plate’s accessories can be used as a post, presenting the couple in casual dressing, always with the bicycle as a main theme, as a welcome and appreciation to all wedding guests.

The paper, the envelope and the illustration that describes the couple’s story, give the invitation a unique, friendly look.

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