Margaritis Studio

Kostas Kanellopoulos Web & Graphic Designer / Illustrator


Project: Margaritis Studio
Category: Web Design

Agency: Kostas Kanellopoulos
Client: Lefteris Margaritis

Description: Lefteris Margaritis was born in Athens in 1978. After graduating from the Multidiscipline Lyceum of Ampelokipi, he followed the Applied Arts. He has studied freehand drawing following his will to study Fine Arts, but his interest in jewellery design finally led him to the MOKUME School (1996-1999) of Thessaloniki, where he acquired skills both as a goldsmith and in the hand-making of jewel as well as in jewel fabrication.

His excellence as a jeweller and a designer has been recognized since his early years of study, and he has been awarded with various prizes and distinctions in many greek jewellery contests. He has worked as a jewel technician and assistant in the years 1999 to 2005, specializing in hand made golden jewel of 18K. By the time he initiated his collaboration with big jewellery stores. In 2006 he launched his own workshop and since then he participates in all jewellery exhibitions presenting his original creations which demonstrate his personal creative style. Pieces of his work can be found in several jewellery stores, in Athens and many other cities all over Greece.